Welcome To Fashion Impex LTD

Fashion Impex Ltd started operations in 2015.  Fashion Impex Ltd, which truly is a sourcing company identified the vacuum and need for cost effective service companies to provide to the genuine needs of the buyers. Today Fashion Impex Ltd would like to present it’s services around the globe to the world renowned buyers. We are prepared with professionals specifically trained for providing sourcing and Quality Assurance to our clients.


Fashion Impex Ltd, in addition to its sourcing centers in knit, woven & sweater factories in Bangladesh & very much dedicated to serve the clients all over the world.


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Why Us

Fashion Impex Ltd Offers complete range of services to ensure buying of quality product at competitive price from reliable source with on-time delivery. Various of the main services offered to buyers by the company as follows:


Selection and Introduction of dependable suppliers with well-built financial background and a comple

Achievement of competitive prices,

Effective order placement.

Day to day follow up of order until shipment.

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Our Services

Our services extend to but are not limited to managing various aspects of clients buying operations at sourcing sites/ countries such as:

Sourcing Solutions

Sourcing Fabric

Design Development


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Social Compliance & Safety Issues

Our compliance policy is based on code of conducts of the buyers. The factory is full compliance with ILO and Bangladesh Labor Law. Our implement policies are as follows:
Prohibited child labor.

  • No forced labor.
  • Working hours.
  • Weekly holidays.
  • Casual leave, Medical leave & Annual leave.
  • Festival holidays & leaves with bonus.
  • Maternity safety.
  • Worker’s welfare committee.
  • Pure drinking water system.
  • Dinning facility.
  • Sufficient sanitary facilities.
  • First aid boxes all the floors.
  • Prayer space, Separately for Gents and Ladies.
  • Canteen service.
  • Day care centre.
  • Health care activities for the worker, employ by company doctor & full time Nurse.
  • Smoke detectors & fire extinguishers in each & every floor & conduct fire drill test at least 12 times a year. We are giving a top priority on prevention of fire and eventual evacuation.
  • Smoking free zone.
  • Refreshment program for workers in house in every national / seasonal occasions and yearly picnic arrangement.